Beige and Grey Antique

Our antique finish is a natural process. It is not applied during the casting stage, but instead is applied by hand, after the curing process. It involves several steps to obtain the true natural look of stone. Hence, our natural antiques consist of beige and grey and are available in several variations of each colour.

Stone Finish

Our stone finish process is a chemical compound that is applied during the casting stage. Two finishes are available: ancient rustic and sand stone.

Ancient Rustic Finish

Ancient Rustic Finish gives the colouring of rusted metal. It is characterized by several colours and can react to give an illusion of recently excavated artefacts.

Sand Stone Finish

Sand Stone Finish gives the colouring of natural stones like soap stone, sand stone, and travertino. Often we can replicate the natural veins that appear in quarried stone. Differing from all other finishes, sand stone gives a coarse texture, as opposed to a smooth finish in beige antique, grey antique and ancient rustic finish.

Natural White Finish

Natural White Finish involves neither an antique finish nor a stone finish. Natural white is the unfinished version. It remains white to resemble natural white stone. Natural White Finish leaves the specific look up to the client.