With careful handling, the material itself needs no special maintenance, as long as it is not exposed to extreme conditions.  For example, it is recommended that in very hot weather, a planted ornament should be watered only in the early morning, or cool evening.  Likewise, in freezing conditions, all water features such as planters, bird baths, waterfalls, and fountains, should be drained and covered in hard plastic. 

Furthermore, to help prolong the life of any garden ornament, it is recommended that it be covered, during sub-zero temperatures.  The stonework is less susceptible to the detrimental effects of weathering, when properly cared for. 

Under certain exceptional conditions, a hairline fissure may occur in the surface of the product.  In normal circumstances, this will have no effect on the structural integrity of the piece.  Under certain exceptional conditions, a natural algae will form in waterfall beds, pool surrounds, sinks, fountain bowls and bird bath bowls.  Regular cleaning of these pieces is recommended.  One can use chlorine in these pieces to help prevent algae and repel insects. 

It is recommended that a concrete sealer be applied every other year to all garden ornaments, to prolong life of the piece, and protect against the natural elements that exterior pieces are exposed to.